Partners In Success: Alberta Catalyzer Is Helping Early Stage Startups Grow

For startups looking for funding, mentorship, and insight, Alberta Catalyzer is an institution that can help build the necessary foundations to start and grow your company. With a nationally-recognized curriculum and an in-depth knowledge of the local startup ecosystem, it’s not just startups that benefit from a partnership with Alberta Catalyzer–it’s also the founders themselves.

“We can offer students a combination of a personalized, hands-on approach for each business in our program and a curated list of mentors and investors to help small businesses get up and running; we are the most specialized accelerator in Canada. We really promote entrepreneurial thinking among local small businesses and provide intensive mentorship programs, which gives our participants multiple areas they can focus on during their time with us.”
– Irene Banhzal, CEO & Founder of Alberta Catalyzer

What is the Alberta Catalyzer Traction Showcase?

Alberta Catalyzer is a pre-accelerator program that works with early-stage startups looking to launch and grow their startup in Alberta.

Alberta Catalyzer supports startup founders working towards three main milestones:

  • Building and testing the first version of their Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • Developing communication and selling strategies, and refining their product with their customers.
  • Creating scalable systems and processes to help founders accelerate their business.

Meet the innovative companies participating in the latest cohort

Shop My Fundraising

Providing businesses and organizations a SAAS platform for online fundraising with no upfront money.


A cryptocurrency payment mobile app powered by XRP Ledger, which facilitates instant eco-friendly Bitcoin transactions.

Reserve Plus

The creator of myReservePlanner - a forecasting and diagnostic tool providing insight/intelligence to condo capital replacement.


An e-commerce platform set up in the food distribution and manufacturing sectors, serving primarily non-profit organizations that feed people.

A Safer Walk

A free safety app for women, empowering spontaneous connections with other verified local women going the same way: walking, sharing cabs, taking public transit, or just out for exercise.

Strato Earth

Allows B2B clients to configure and customize spatial data processing pipelines in the cloud, as well as sophisticated web map data visualizations, and to share or sell their spatial data, all for a low monthly fee.


An innovative take on coworking, this technology-enabled, lean, and efficiently scalable company prioritizes small, independent restaurants helping them make ends-meet by sharing revenue based on usage data.

Roof Ruler

The better roof measurement tool that lets you freely measure the roof from the clouds without being restricted by time, location and cost using the clearest aerial pictures and information technology.

Enterra Energy Resources

An independent power producer and Energy-as-a-Service provider that employs various contracting models to develop, build and operate energy infrastructure.

Element 4 Technologies

Element 4 produces batteryless and adaptable Internet-of-Things sensors and platforms.

AITHR Automotive Intelligence

AITHR Automotive Intelligence creates software solutions that provide a better vehicle sales experience for dealerships, lenders, and customers in Canada.


A mobile news application that makes news more fun and approachable for younger audiences by focusing on creating a user interface that is familiar for the youth on social media applications.

dCart Services Corporation

A technically-driven delivery service company that focuses on the human experience.


A cloud-native data management automation platform that makes it simple to manage data projects efficiently and securely as they scale.


An engagement platform that helps businesses and creatives infuse their existing engagement strategies with charitable giving, helping you get the signups, feedback and sales needed to grow your business while monetizing the interactions for good.

Boris Walks Alone

Provides technical and marketing expertise aimed at expanding sales of digital and traditional artwork on behalf of the Artists that create them. This service allows the Artist to benefit from the expanded opportunities available to them in the form of NFTs.

Vendor Bridge

A marketplace web app that connects Vendors (small businesses, food trucks, charities, social enterprises) with event organizers to facilitate the search, vetting and application processes for booth spaces at live events.